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Hi there! We are so happy for you, that you are getting married. Congratulations! Let us know how we can make your wedding more special, by filling up the questionnaire for us.


  1. Take your time, and please fill in as many details as accurately as possible! You can do this while sipping your favorite drink!

  2. Please email high-quality, precise, and straight-shot close-up portrait pictures of you and your spouse to Ensure the email's subject says WS-<Bride name> – <Groom Name> – Photos.

  3. Regarding options
    • Wedding Announcement – This is when you announce the good news to everyone you know; family, friends, colleagues, your curious neighbors, and also to that 'over-concerned' aunt of yours!

    • Wedding Countdown – So you keep sharing your excitement regularly as the wedding day (aka the D-day) is closer by every week, month or daily on your calendar. You define your milestone dates.

    • His and Her Stories – Introduce your fiance to all the people in your world in style! What can be more exciting than a comic-style introduction on social media? (Helps if your fiance is photo shy, just saying!)

    • Wedding Story – Whether your marriage is love or arranged, there is always a story about how YOU got your families together or how your families got YOU together!

    • Love Story – If you are willing to share your cute love story in a few words and pictures, the world is always interested to know!

    • Wedding Invitation – Weddings comprise several events (Engagement, bachelor parties, Haldi, Sangeet, Mehendi, Cocktail party, Wedding, Reception, and other traditional occasions). It's several invitations to several people. We can get them all done in vogue! We also offer digital evites for sharing over your phone. Get animated evites for an extra price.

    • Wedding Caricatures – Get your caricatures with a dreamy backdrop. We can come up with something interesting together!

    • Private Stories – If you want us to create personal stories just for your BAE, we are game!

    • Others – Got a new idea that doesn't fall under any of the above? We are already excited to know all about it :-)


Start sharing your story with us now! Fill up below.

First Things First!
Tell us what are you looking for. You can select more than one! (Refer notes above)(required)*
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