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Sogant Studio - Brand Identity Design, Marketing collaterals and Packaging Design

Sogant Studio is an intimate boutique specializing in traditional, classic, and contemporary ethnic wear and jewelry. Their obsession is style, luxury, and perfection, catering to the unique needs of every woman.

Services offered:

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Name and Tagline

  • Logo Design

  • Packaging Design

  • Stationery Design (Business cards, invoice and letterhead design)

  • Social Media & Marketing Collateral

Challenges/ Design Asks:

  • The brand should be memorable and distinct, evoking a sense of intrigue.

  • It should convey luxury while remaining humble. Instead of appearing organic, the brand should have a raw and unique quality.

  • Unique and contemporary name, that resonates with the brand ethos.


  • Choosing a name that's culturally neutral and entirely unique adds a custom touch to the brand.

  • A combination of earthy tones, gold, and a subtle pink creates a distinctive luxurious brand identity.

  • The logo and brand elements are all hand-drawn, imparting a raw and authentic feel.

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