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Hanbhee - Brand Identity, Brand Guidelines, WebApp Design Guidelines & Iconography Design

Hanbhee is a digital asset management tool that allows individuals to take control of their digital assets, including photos, videos, documents, and other forms of digital content. With Hanbhee, users can decide where and how they want to store and share their digital assets and have full control over who access them, for how long, and for what reason.

Services Offered:

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Logo Design

  • Iconography

  • WebApp Design Guidelines

  • Brand Guidelines


  • Icons must be distinctive and entirely unique, avoiding common online libraries.

  • The logo must be simpe and yet suggest a sense of security abstractly.


  • Shapes used through the brand convey a sense of security subliminally. The color palette however has been kept different to differentiate from it's competition.

  • All icons representing the webapp funcionality share the common hexagon shape that matches with the logo.

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