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Brand Identity Design, Logo Design and Brand-in-action

Criya Designs, originally a home-based boutique, has recently expanded to a brick-and-mortar store in Hyderabad. Owned by the spiritually inclined Sowjanya, the boutique aims to champion sustainable fashion and create a brand that connects with people on a profound level.

Services Offered:

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Identity and Guidelines

  • Pamphlet Design

  • Brand-in-Action Presentations

Design Asks and Challenges:

  • The brand must mirror Sowjanya's distinctive personality.

  • Classy, Simple, and Grounded: Designs should exude class, simplicity, and groundedness, in harmony with sustainable fashion.

  • Inclusivity and Universality: Criya Designs is a brand for all women, irrespective of age, background, or lifestyle.


  • The Evolution-Inspired Logo: The logo draws inspiration from life's stages, symbolized by a circular motif. It subtly captures the journey from a quarter to a full circle, signifying growth and evolution.

  • A Palette of Significance: Colors were thoughtfully chosen. Orange/Saffron, sacred in Hinduism, evokes spirituality, while Green, sacred in Islam, symbolizes life and growth. This palette promotes inclusivity, respecting Hyderabad's diverse demographics.

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