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BBQ Tango - Logo Design, Menu and Space Design, Visual Identity Design.

BBQ Tango (Barbecue Tango) is a shawarma grill house that intends to serve their inhouse spice mixes prepared to perfection, that are close to authentic shawarma flavors.

Services Offered:

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Brand Name

  • Logo Design

  • Menu Card Design

  • Space Design (Container Store)

  • Mobile Menu Design

  • Packaging Design


  • The design must be classy but must appeal to a mass of auidence from all ecomonical classes.

  • Their target auidence are of all ages.

  • Average literacy rate and accessibility of the audience must be accounted for.


  • Mood of the brand is kept affordable, yet clean with 3 colors to keep the brand classy.

  • Logo and other brand illustrations are self explanatory, so anyone can comprehend the business offerings.

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