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  • What are all the services offered?
    We offer a wide variety of creative visual design services to help your business grow and position your brand better Logo Designing Visual Branding Brand Name & Tag line development Website Design WebApp / Mobile App Design Social media templates and creatives Illustrations Character design Copy Writing UX Design If you have an idea for something off this list, reach out to us here as we'd see what can we do for you!
  • Do you work on only logo designing and branding projects?
    We can assist you with every aspect of your brand identity as it connects with your audience. This includes brand consulting, content writing, and advertising. Whether you need illustrations, mascot design, or any unique creative touch, we've got you covered.
  • What is your creative process?
    We would like to call ourselves an artistic branding studio. We induce various art forms and illustrations as a core branding element, which can give a fresh and unique face for a brand amongst the likes in an industry. We discreetly follow and observe various design trends in every industry, do thorough research, and study to create a design that sets a new direction. An appropriate, unique & indigenous design is our objective.
  • What files (and formats) will I receive at the end of a project?
    Logo files are usually delivered in various colour options and layouts (symbol only, name, and tagline). Files are typically provided in EPS (vector) and JPG formats. For all other deliverables, the final file formats will depend on where and how the designs should be used and other manufacturing requirements.
  • Do you offer unlimited revisions?
    No. Our time (Yours and ours) is precious and limited. Our pre-production process and workflow ensures that we will be able to narrow down the requirements in detail before we commence designing. Our approach eludes any need to re-work exhaustively. We only offer finite and relatively minor design revisions, as agreed upon in the quotation & contract.
  • Can you help with web development?
    We can assist you with UI & UX services for your website as part of the branding project. But we do not develop any websites currently.
  • What is branding? How is it different from Logo designing?
    A brand is a set of visual, structural, and functional characteristics representing the brand promise, values, and voice of the products and services offered. A logo is a symbolic identity of your company's brand identity, only a subset of your brand. A logo is like a face, while a brand represents the whole body.
  • How do you approach a branding project? Could you explain the process?
    Our approach to creating a brand is quite elaborate, consolidated into the following stages. Stage 1 - Understanding the business of brand-to-be Learn about services and products offered by the client The client answers the Branding Questionnaire The client answers the Logo Questionnaire Design Requirements Stage 2 - Branding consultation Design & Trends research Competitor analysis Defining Brand USP and Persona Mind map and validate the information Brainstorming design solutions Signing paperwork (Contracts, NDA et al.) Stage 3 - Planning and Road map Freeze requirements Identify phases of deliverables Come up with timelines and estimates Stage 4 - Designing Brainstorming and mind map of designs Sketching & rough drafts Refining rough drafts based on feedback Stage 5 - Production Create digital files Minor refinement of designs and color variations Approval of designs Delivery of final files Stage 6 - Post Production Client feedback Support, if and when required
  • What are all the services included as part of a branding project?
    We broadly offer the following services to position your brand to your audience effectively. Basic Identity Brand Consulting Brand Naming Tagline Development Identity Creation Logo Design Brand Development Brand Book & Guidelines Branding Illustrations Brand Elements Brand Deck Print & Business Set collaterals Packaging Design Hand Books User Guides or Manuals Art Direction Digital Branding Iconography Social Media Creatives & Templates Website Design UI & UX Design
  • Do I need branding?
    Brands are not only for big companies. In today's competing and congested market, a good brand can distinguish itself from the rest and draw limelight. When you position your brand correctly, it can help you to sell better and benefits you by attracting only the right target audience.
  • Can you help us with the naming and tagline for our brand?
    Absolutely! We will be happy to assist you. To begin with, we will need you to answer a brief questionnaire for us.
  • I already have a logo. Can you help me with positioning my brand?
    Yes, we will be able to see how we can help you position your brand. However, we can be definite only after analyzing the situation and depending upon the design needs (such as brand illustrations, UI UX design, et al.)
  • I would like to work with you. How do we get started?
    We are happy to know that you are interested in working with us. Kindly fill out this form for us, and we shall reach out to you soon to proceed with the preliminaries.
  • Before reaching out to your studio, what do I need to be ready with?
    While a clear explanation of your business, services, or products is a great starting point, you can always reach out to us even if you're not fully prepared to get started.
  • Where are you located? Are you open to working with clients from other cities and countries?
    Pagic studio is based out of Visakhapatnam, India, and we are a virtual team working pan India. Know more about us here Yes, we can work with clients from around the globe, as long as we can communicate seamlessly in English, over the internet. We have worked & working with clients from the United States, Singapore, and Canada.
  • How do we communicate and collaborate while working together?
    We can communicate via Whatsapp or phone calls for initial or brief communications. We can collaborate, brainstorm, and discuss via zoom or team meetings. You will receive your deliverables via emails or large file-sharing platforms such as Wetransfer.
  • What is the client involvement like in the design process?
    A client will be equally (or more) involved and works along with us during the pre-production stages of a project to establish the requirements and brand persona accurately. The client will be the decision-maker, giving approvals and feedback during the design & production stages.
  • Can you work on some test designs before we decide to provide you with our complete project?
    Sure, if you're willing to pay us for our time and designs. Contrarily, we consider this spec work, and shall not provide any work before a contract is signed and payment terms are in place. We believe our portfolio is an adequate example of our capabilities.
  • Do you outsource work or collaborate?
    Every design you see on our portfolio is ideated or designed from the table of our chief designer Eesha. We hire freelance content writers, photographers, and analysts, apart from the in-house team, as per the project design needs and timelines. We only and occasionally collaborate with Atma Studios, a similar branding studio with the same design aesthetics, to complete massive projects with a minimal timeframe.
  • Do you prefer to work with any kind of client?
    Any client who values designing and is aware of the significance of branding or functional design. Be it a start-up, an independent artist, or a well-established company. It doesn't matter what industry the client is from as long as we can communicate and agree upon a shared vision for the brand.
  • How long will it take for a project to complete?
    Though all projects are different, many last for about two months on average after getting started on the research and analysis phases of a project. The timelines can also stretch up to 4-6 months, and it largely depends on the client's availability throughout the process.
  • How is your pricing?
    Our basic identity design projects begin at $2,000 USD and can go up to $50,000 USD based on the scope of the project. We see ourselves as a branding studio that offers a middle ground between low-cost crowdsourcing websites and high-end design agencies, which typically charge around $100,000 for similar work. As a virtual and moderately sized team, our overhead costs are minimal. If you're ready to make a reasonable investment in your branding, we're the perfect choice for you.
  • Are the prices negotiable?
    Our prices are very fair compared to the industry standards and are non-negotiable. Our clients vouch for us for excellent value for their money.
  • Do we have to share our budget with you before the quotation?
    It's not a mandatory requirement, though it can certainly help us save time and to make smart choices for what can be accomplished with in the budget.
  • What are your payment terms?
    A 50% advance deposit is due once a contract is signed. We commence the project work, post payment of the advance. The balance amount must be paid upon project completion. The client will receive their final design files and deliverables only after total payment is processed. More details are listed in the project contract.
  • Who owns the IP for final designs and work?
    Clients own all the rights for final designs unless a third-party agreement with photographers, writers, and designers is signed. Clients do not hold any right over any unused concepts and designs. All the rights to final designs and work will be transferred to the client post complete payment for the project. Pagic studio reserves the right to use the designs and work in our portfolio and promotional purposes. More details are listed in the project contract.
  • Do you sign a contract with clients?
    Yes, we will be providing the client with a contract detailing the deliverables, timeframe, cost, terms, and conditions, after understanding the requirements of the project thoroughly. The contract can help to define responsibilities, set right expectations and avoid miscommunication
  • Do you work on non-profit projects or do pro bono work?
    We do provide pro bono work to organizations or causes we can associate with. We favour smaller, socially, and environmentally responsible non-profits who support causes we believe in. Kindly reach out to us and tell us what you're all about, stating you are looking for pro bono work.
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