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Work From Home | Part-Time | Contract


  • Any work experience is appreciated.

  • Great sense of humour and wit.

  • Experience in the complete life cycle of content management. Should be able to handle writing assignments independently. 

  • Should be able to come up with tag-lines and punchlines in a whisk.

  • Proficiency and command of English is a must. Writing ability in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and any other regional Indian languages are appreciated.

  • Knowledge in SEO research analysis. Good knowledge of all on-page and off-page SEO.

  • Any experience in digital marketing domain will be helpful.

  • Should be well versed with social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter).

  • A general perspective and good knowledge of different cultures in the world, especially India, North America and Europe.

  • Experience in blog/ article writing.

  • Good communication skills.


We are looking for a freelancing creative content writer with a great sense of humour. You will be responsible for creating exciting stories on both digital and print sources of media. You should be innovative and create compelling content to run successful marketing campaigns. It's a work from home job and we collaborate and work over zoom, google meets, notion and WhatsApp. You should be able to meet the set deadlines and be punctual. You will be working for a startup that is all about ideas, templates, designs and creativity.


  • In the subject mention the post you are applying for. 

  • Mail your CV / Resume to

  • Share relevant links to your portfolio, website, social media handles and previous work. 

  • Share Link to your LinkedIn Profile.


Looking forward to work with you!

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